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Suite Administration

Suite Administration enables you to onboard, operate, and administer the suite.

This application allows you to:

  • Create and manage customers.
  • Create and manage accounts.
  • Create or import users, and assign users to accounts.
  • Create and manage tenants.
  • Create or upload licenses, add licenses to license pools, and assign licenses to a tenant.
  • Configure suite level settings in Configurations, including security, email, and integration.
  • View the operation history.
  • Configure access control.

Note Only the suite admin users can view and use the CONFIGURATION, OPERATION HISTORY, and ACCESS CONTROL menu items in Suite Administration.

A quick view of tenants, accounts, and users is provided in the homepage. Administrator can start the daily work with these quick links.

Shared service providers can also refer to Suite Administration for shared service providers.

You can follow the procedures below to deploy a Service Management tenant:

  1. Complete the lightweight SSO settings on Security tab in Configurations. Wait several minutes to allow the suite restart to complete.
  2. Create a customer for onboarding in Customers.
  3. Create an account for the customer in Accounts. You can create multiple accounts for one customer.
  4. Create new users, or add LDAP or SAML configuration on Authentication tab of Accounts page if your organization wants a tenant for LDAP or SAML IdP users.
  5. Create a tenant in Tenants for the account created in step 3.
  6. Upload the license file in Licenses, add the license to a license pool and assign capacity to the tenant just created.
  7. Deploy the tenant.

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