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Business Intelligence integration

The Business Intelligence (BI) integration module enables you to define the fields and relationships that are synced for a record type when integrating with an external business intelligence system. This can help you export your data to a third party system with different reporting tools. Alternatively, it is useful for aggregating your data with data from other parts of your organization.

You can define multiple sync configurations, the configurations are used for all selected record types and fields. You perform the integration using the BI integration API. For more information on the API, see Business Intelligence integration API.


  • It is recommended to create an integration user to run the API. The user must be assigned the Business Intelligence Integration role.

Define a synchronization configuration

To add a new synchronization configuration

Configure a synchronization

To define record type data to synchronize

To remove a record type synchronization configuration

  1. Select the required record type configuration in the list on the left.
  2. Click Remove on the toolbar and click Confirm to confirm the deletion.

Best practices

The following best practices provide an outline of the main phases of the integration for customer administrators:

  1. Define the synchronization configuration based on your need.

Note If the integration configuration was changed by adding or removing a record type, field, or relationship, you must run the initial sync again before running the ongoing sync.

End-to-end example

The following example demonstrates how to run the BI integration:

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