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Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management enables you to manage the knowledge articles that help Service Portal users solve problems, post news articles on the Service Portal, and moderate questions and answers.

The Knowledge Management module is made up of the following areas:

  • Articles. Enables you to add, modify, and delete knowledge articles.
  • News. Enables you to add, modify, and delete news articles. News articles can be alerts for the Service Portal users about critical issues, and other important or general alerts. They are displayed in the widgets panel of the Service Portal.
  • Models. Enables you to add, modify, activate, and retire article models. For more information, see Article models.
  • Q&A. Enables you to moderate questions and answers from Service Portal users. For more information, see How to moderate Q&A.
  • Hot Topic Analytics. Enables you to analyze questions and requests submitted by the Service Portal users, as well as the types of information users are looking for. For more information, see Hot Topic Analytics for knowledge articles.

Note It is recommended that you assign data domains to articles that contain sensitive information, and use targeted permissions to enable strong security. For more information, see How to assign a record to a data domain.

If you do not assign data domains, in some cases, users in the Service Portal could view articles that were published internally using REST APIs. For more information, see Data domain segmentation.

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