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Application Portfolio Management

The Application Portfolio Management module enables you to assess and prioritize the current application portfolio and determine which applications need to be modernized. You can use this module as the first step towards application transformation.

  • Build application portfolios and collect application information through the out-of-the-box application cloudification survey.
  • Compare and analyze application information such as health, cost of ownership, business value, and risk.
  • Optimize applications in the portfolio through identifying improvement opportunities and making strategic decisions about the application future.
  • Create proposals to migrate and modernize selected applications to the cloud.

This module provides a comprehensive overview of your applications and determines their suitability for cloud. Based on this, you can create proposals to migrate and modernize selected applications to the cloud.

Applications-to-cloud advisory services can help you rapidly implement new applications and integrate existing systems of record into a cloud environment. Exploiting modern cloud-based business systems can protect your current technology investments while improving business processes, leading to increased revenues. Application Portfolio Management offers choices of cloud deployment—private, public, virtual private cloud, and the on-premise infrastructure.

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