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Case Exchange integration for requests

Service Management provides a case exchange framework to exchange request record data between Service Management and external systems. The case exchange framework enables you to define an external system with which information will be exchanged. The external system has the ability to create and update records in Service Management as well as to relate those records to records in the external system.

The Case exchange integration for requests is used in the Service Manager integration. For a list of operations supported in the Service Manager integration, see Supported operations.

The following tables indicate scenarios that occur when entering or updating a metaphase or phase of the Request workflow, along with the relevant operation from the the external system:

Fulfillment metaphase (Fulfill phase):

Validation metaphase (Accept and Review phases)

When transitioning from Validation metaphase to Fulfillment metaphase

Done metaphase (Close phase)

Incoming operations (all metaphases)

The following table indicates the actions taken in Service Management when an incoming operation is received from the external system. The table is relevant for all metaphases of the request workflow.

For more information on the Service Manager integration with Service Management, refer to the Service Manager documentation.

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