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Offering business rules

You can define business rules within a specific offering. The rules run in the request workflow for request records in which the offering is selected as the Catalog offering. These business rules can be used to make a user option mandatory, hidden, or to control values displayed in the user option fields and any fields in the requests based on the offering. For example, you can use this feature to display a state field if United States is selected as the country field.

You can define the rules to run in connection with one of the following process events:

In each process event, you can define the rule to run either before or after the general record business rules.

To add an offering business rule

For an example, see Business rules pricing example.


  • If you select a different offering as the basis for a request record, the business rules of the new offering apply to the request record.
  • If you modify the business rules of an offering , existing request records based on the model are not affected (they retain the original rules of the offering).

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