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Users and contacts

There are two types of person records: users and contacts. Users can log in to Service Management; contacts cannot. Users and contacts have the same fields, except that users also have license, role, and group membership information. A badge in the upper right corner of the page indicates whether a person is a user or contact.

Users cannot be created or deleted manually; you must import and delete users via Suite Administration. Service Management users must have a user record and an assigned role before they can log into the application.

If you are an administrator, part of your responsibilities include managing user records, creating user groups, lists of contacts, and managing user roles. You can create contact records with information about internal or external users.

Note An administrator can assign only users to a group but not contacts.

How to view users and contacts

The People page displays both users and contacts.

Note These views cannot be deleted.

How to add, edit, or delete users

If you are a Suite Administration user, you can add new users to Service Management using Suite Administration. You can also edit and delete users. Users added, deleted, or modified in Suite Administration are updated in Service Management automatically by the synchronization job that runs once a day.

To manage users in Suite Administration, follow these steps:

To synchronize the users manually, click

in the People page in Service Management. Alternatively, a user added in Suite Administration is added to Service Management when attempting to log in for the first time, before a manual or automatic synchronization. The Sync button is disabled while any user on the tenant is running a sync.

You can also sync users from Suite Administration via the Manage Persons API. For more information, see Manage Persons API.

For existing users, you can run a sync to update their data from an LDAP server using the LDAP integration. For more information, see How to set up synchronization with LDAP.


  • New users are assigned the Service Portal User role by default.
  • Any changes made to a user's details in Service Management are overwritten by the values in Suite Administration during the sync.

How to create or delete contact records

For information on how to create or delete contact records, see How to create and delete contact records.

How to edit a user or contact record

Note You can edit a user's basic account information in Suite Administration. For more information, see How to add, edit, or delete users.

User and contact details

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