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Infrastructure & peripheral asset workflow

This section describes the metaphases and subordinate phases in the life cycle of infrastructure and peripheral assets.

The workflow relies on business rules. Rules repeat from one phase to another when the end user can make a change to a field affected by a business rule during that phase. For more information about the out-of-the-box business rules defined for the contract workflow, see Infrastructure & peripheral process - Business rules.

Metaphase: Unavailable

The asset is entered into the system and still awaiting delivery.

Example: the organization is completing a new demonstration facility. It needs a projector. The appropriate manager requests a new projector to be acquired. A procurement team member creates a record for the new projector when he places an order with an external vendor. Then he moves the record to Awaiting delivery phase because the asset is not in use yet.

If the vendor cannot complete the order, move the record manually to the final phase in the workflow: Canceled.

Metaphase: Available

The asset has arrived but may or may not be available for use.

Example: the status of the asset changes from Awaiting delivery to Receive when he updates the record with the acquisition date. The asset owner captures more detailed information about the projector and saves the record again. Now the status is In stock.

Metaphase: In use

The asset has arrived and is in pre-use preparation stages or is in use.

Example: Tech Support installs and configures the projector. The workflow phase is Prepare while it is being installed and configured. When the preparation is done, change the phase to In use. If the projector needs further preparation, you can return it to Tech Support (and the Prepare phase) for additional configuration

Metaphase: Retiring

The subordinate phase is Retire.

Example: after five years, the residual value of the projector is nearly zero and it is ready for replacement. The asset manager places a request for a new projector, and he moves the current projector to the Retire phase. It means the projector is still in use but it is planned to retire it.

Metaphase: End of life (End)

The subordinate phases are Ended and Canceled.

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