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How to edit a Service Level Target definition record

A change in circumstances or a change to the Service Level Agreement record can require changes to the associated Service Level Target definition record. For example, you might change the work schedule that applies to the agreement. You can change a value in a Service Level Target definition, but make sure that you understand the impact of the changes.

  • If you change or update a record, Service Management applies the changes correctly to any calculation in progress. For example, if you change the priority in an incident from Slight disruption to Severe disruption, Service Management adjusts the calculation in progress to apply this new value.
  • If you change the actual service or offering assigned to a record, the Service Level Target definition might change or even become obsolete. If the Service Level Target definition changes, the Service Level Target calculation in progress is cleared, and any new or changed target definition calculations begin. In this case, the time already spent is included in the new target definition calculations.
  • When a new chat request is submitted, the elapsed target duration is reset.
  • When you make changes to a Service Level Target definition, the change requires an update to every record using that target definition. The changes will take effect automatically within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can click Apply now at the top of the Service Level Management page or Time Period Management page to begin updating the Service Level Target definitions immediately. The amount of time to complete the update depends on the number of affected records. If one of those records is open, click Refresh to see the updates. If you make additional changes to a Service Level Target definition after applying the changes manually, the Apply now button will reappear after a few minutes.

You can edit multiple records simultaneously by selecting them in the grid and updating them in the Preview pane on the right. For more information, see Mass update.

To edit a Service Level Target definition record:

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