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Program workflow

This section describes the metaphases and subordinate phases in the life cycle of a program record.

The program workflow does not rely on any business rules. All transitions between phases are manually triggered.

Metaphase: Initiation

This is the beginning phase of a program, where the initial program scope, program resources, and stakeholders are identified. If a program manager has not been selected, one is assigned as well. The program is officially authorized in this phase.

Metaphase: Planning

In this phase, the program manager clarifies the program's scope and schedules, defines projects and program objectives, and fulfills the resources needed for the entire program.

Metaphase: Execution

In this phase, the program and its projects are executed and managed by the project manager. Some programs may be put on hold for valid reasons, and continue after the blockers are removed.

Metaphase: Closure (End)

In this phase, the program is closed and accepted by the customer or sponsor. .

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