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Use > Build > Change Management > Change Calendar > View the Change Calendar

How to view the Change Calendar

From the main menu, select Build > Change > Calendar.

The Change Calendar is displayed.

  • The calendar can display a maximum of 100 change records.
  • If the filter selection is 100 or more change records, a warning icon is displayed, with an informative tooltip message.
  • The default display is 30 change records. To display more change records, click Show more at the bottom of the records list. This displays up to 60 change records, and if clicked again, shows up to 100 change records. To return to the default display, click F5, or reset the filter selection.
  • To maximize calendar performance, refine the filter selection to display fewer change records.
  • The default display is in order of scheduled start, with the first at the top.
  • For information about filtering changes in the calendar, see How to filter records in the Change Calendar.

Change Calendar User Interface (UI)

The Change Calendar has the following UI elements:

Left pane

The left pane displays a list of changes, each showing a risk icon, record Id, and title. There are also other icons to reflect various statuses.

For example:

Main pane

The main pane displays the calendar, including changes and time periods.


The calendar can display dates up to one month backwards and six months forward from the current date.


Each change is shown on the matching row of the calendar by a colored graphical representation ("representation") that is displayed from its start to end time. Scheduled downtime is highlighted within the change representation. A key for the change representation and downtime is displayed at the bottom of the calendar.

Time periods

You can turn off the display of time periods by clearing the appropriate check box in the footer.

If there is a time period that applies to a service, and there are no changes affecting the service, that time period does not display in the Change Calendar.

Right pane

The collapsible right pane displays a preview of the selected record when expanded.


The left side of the footer displays:

  • A legend for the different time periods. Here you can select which of the time periods are displayed in the main pane.
  • A Release option. You can select this to enable a drop-down that shows releases in the displayed time range, and all releases. For more information, see Releases and the Change Calendar.

The right side of the footer displays your time zone. The calendar displays all times according to your time zone.

Leaving the Change Calendar

When you leave Change Calendar, Service Management automatically preserves the following:

  • Filter (if any)
  • Sort by setting
  • Scale (Day, Week, or Month view)

Therefore, when you next view Change Calendar, these elements are in the same state as when you last viewed the calendar.

The original default settings are as follows:

  • The filter is set to display only changes which are active and scheduled to start in the next month.
  • The changes display in ascending chronological order by scheduled start time.
  • The calendar view is set to Week, with all time periods selected to display.

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