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Use > Run > Incident Management > Configure Incident Management > Incident templates > Apply an incident template

How to apply

an incident template

You can apply a template to an existing incident. The advantage of a template is that you can add standardized information quickly when an incident meets certain criteria. Example: A critical incident template can quickly set the business impact, urgency, assignment group, and more in a new incident.

  1. From the main menu, select Run > Incident > Incidents. Service Management displays a list of all incidents.
  2. Select the incident record that you want to standardize with a template. Click the record identifier in the ID column to display the selected record.
  3. Click Apply template on the toolbar. Service Management displays a dialog that contains a list of existing templates.
  4. Choose the appropriate template.
  5. Click Apply template. Service Management populates the fields in the current record with the values from the template fields.
  6. Click Save on the toolbar.

After you apply a template to a record and save the record, there is no further relationship with the template. You can delete the template without affecting the values in the saved record.

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