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Use > Run > Financial Management > Cost Types > Edit a cost type record

How to edit a cost type record

You can edit multiple records simultaneously by selecting them in the grid and updating them in the Preview pane on the right. For more information, see Mass update.

General tab

This tab includes the following sections:




Add attachment if you want to attach a file to the record.


  • The following file formats are supported: jpg; jpeg; gif; png; doc; docx; ppt; pptx; xls; xlsx; pdf; txt; xml; zip; msg; sql; gz; rar; tar; 7z.
  • The maximum file size of an attachment is 10 MB.
  • If the Attachments field has been defined as encrypted for this record type and you are a member of an encryption domain, click Add encrypted attachments to attach an encrypted file to the record.
  • Attachments are not visible in the Service Portal.

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