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How to consume identification

The identification web service is an integral part of Service Management's synchronization with UCMDB. It is also available as a separate web service for you to use with other databases holding configuration item details.

The URL for Identification is: http://<host:port>/ess-webapp/rest/<TenantID>/identification/<taskId>


Example of configuration item (CI) type input

The body of the POST request should contain a collection of CI types in JSON format.

The following example shows a collection with one CI type to identify:

       {"Name":"First Device",
        "HostName":"1st Device",
            {"CpuId":"3","CpuVendor":"Incoming Vendor",

In the example:

  • Id is the Service Management ID, and is optional. You should only include this if you are sure you have the correct ID.
  • entity_type is required, and is the relevant Service Management CI type. This may be different from the UCMDB CI type.
  • properties contains key-value pairs: one for each property of the CI whose value is known.

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